Performance/Quality Improvement

The PeerPoint Performance/Quality Improvement Vision

Provide healthcare stakeholders with valuable and innovative Performance/Quality Improvement initiatives that can be implemented at the point-of-care level. Create measurable and reportable programs that provide participants with the greatest amount of value to improve the quality and delivery of care in the U.S.

PI/QI is a substantial undertaking, and early attempts at PI/QI often stumbled due to poor resource allocation, inexperience or financial support, and often a lack of clear-cut goals and buy-in. The next phase of PI/QI programs “played it safe” by retrospective database analysis, which looked for patients who may have been treated sub-optimally and may have benefited from different treatment. This is a legitimate form of PI/QI, but it looks to fix mistakes after they’ve happened.

PeerPoint would rather look forward than look back. We develop programs that target optimal visits in actual time, rather than identify those who were treated sub-optimally. Our PI/QI initiatives provide support for providers to make better treatment decisions starting with the initial patient encounter. And we measure the improvement in outcomes as the program moves forward.

The Definition of Healthcare Quality and the Institute of Medicine